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Shamrock Automation, Inc.
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Rugged, Reliable, Innovative Industrial Automation Systems

Shamrock Automation, Inc., designs and manufactures the finest in heavy duty automated machinery and material handling systems for harsh environments.
We are specialists in the production of advanced pouring machinery used in the foundry and die-casting industries, and offer the broadest range of Automatic Pouring Ladles and Robotic Pouring Systems. Because our systems are custom designed for each specific application, we will work more closely with you than any of our competitors, forming a partnership to guarantee your success.
While our primary business is in the metal casting industries with such products as our very popular Furnace Charging System and Tie Bar Strain Gage, we have extensive experience in a broad range of other industries. From munitions to meat-packing, automotive assembly to X-Ray inspection, we have probably worked in your industry. Give us a call with your most demanding application and see what Shamrock Automation can provide. We think you'll be glad you did!