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Automatic Spray Heads

Shamrock Automatic Spray Heads feature a unique drip-proof design. Available in rigid or swivel mounting, all of the housings are hard-coated and Teflon impregnated for increased service life. Large, easy to grip volume adjustment knobs and interchangeable nozzles for different spray patterns are standard on all Shamrock Automatic Spray Heads. The patented atomizing system produces a fine mist with uniform spray coverage regardless of variations in air line pressure. Adapters are available to mount Shamrock Automatic Spray Heads on all major brands of automatic lube sprayers.


All Shamrock Automatic Spray Heads are based on our unique atomizing system which directs pressurized lube radially from the center of the nozzle mixing chamber into a thin curtain of high velocity air. This system produces a fine mist even at high fluid flow rates with a minimum air requirement. The fluid shut-off poppet is pilot controlled at the nozzle and opens fully every cycle. A separate metering valve adjusts the fluid flow. Pilot operation at the nozzle eliminates dripping associated with remote shut-off valves.

Since the design of the various spray heads allows a full range of articulation, the individual nozzles are mounted in a fixed position on each spray head. This simplifies initial set-up and minimizes subsequent tampering.


The Model B-1 Automatic Spray Head is a special compact unit designed for fixed spray systems. On the Model B-1 Spray Head the air and fluid connections are made directly with pipe thread hose fittings. The Model B-1 mounts on an adapter similar to the swivel mounting adapter of the Model B-3.


The Model B-2 is a dual nozzle Automatic Spray Head (spraying 180 degrees apart) with individual fluid flow rate adjustments for each nozzle. The B-2 head can be rotated 360 degrees but is normally aimed to spray perpendicular to both die faces.


The Model B-3 is a single nozzle automatic spray head. It can be rotated 360 degrees for aiming at a specific area on either die face. It can be used effectively in fixed spray systems, using a swivel mount adapter. When used in a fixed spray application, a quick disconnect fitting with built-in check valve is installed in the lube supply line. This allows the spray head to be rapidly changed without turning off the lube supply at a remote location.


The Model B-2 and B-3 Automatic Spray Heads are attached to a manifold block by a single 3 inch socket head cap screw. Two concentric seals (standard 0-rings) are recessed in the mounting face of the spray heads. Special manifolds and multiple spray head adapters can be provided on request.